Entries by Kate Rollins

Unplanned Outages

As companies grow they become more and more dependent on their computer systems. I have found many companies can do much more to prevent downtime. Strategic planning and well thought out system can save multiple thousands of dollars that can result from outages. Per Symantec “An IT outage costs SMBs an average of $12,500 per day while their computers are down, not […]

MS Office Install Gotcha

This is true for Microsoft Office, and most likely a lot of other applications as well.  When installing new versions of an application we need to keep in mind associated plugins/add-ons.  Those plugins/add-ons often correspond with specific editions of office, not only the edition such as 2007 and 2010, but also the ‘bitness’ as well. […]

Lightning strikes in Northern NM

The earth experiences over 3.5 trillion lightning strikes per year, some of those end up being close to home.  During times of high lightning activity BlueLink IT invariably sees computer equipment that has been damaged. This can be avoided. If you see lightning and then hear the thunder within 5 seconds, that storm is around 1 mile […]

Reliability and Efficiency

Many growing businesses end up with a haphazard implementation of their IT systems, the result is often an expensive outlay, a complicated system, and eventually a need to consolidate and stabilize. BlueLink IT Solutions will use the latest virtualization technologies to isolate your application environments which increases up time, while at the same time making […]

Backups and Security

You may have already made a significant investment in your IT systems hopefully facilitating increase productivity. Catastrophes occur in many different forms, most of which can have a significant impact on your business.  Are you doing what you can to protect your critical data and do you have a plan to get back up and […]

Virus and Spam

As of August 2013 Trustwave.com reported that nearly 70 percent of all email was spam.  Another good portion of that is email with virus’ directly attached, and yet others are ‘phishing’ scams. Reducing the amount of these emails even showing up in your inbox can have a huge impact on the productivity of your business.