Office Moves / Wiring

Don’t Let an Office Move or Wiring Project Disrupt Your Business

Moving your business to a new location can be stressful, and costly in disruptions and unplanned expenses.

The same goes for ground-up office builds. If you don’t get it right the first time with an expansion plan in place, you may run the risk of falling into trouble down-the-line as your business grows.

Since 2008, BlueLink IT’s team of IT professionals have been working with moving and construction companies in the greater Northern New Mexico area to ensure that businesses of all sizes have a seamless turnkey or office transitional experience.

If you’re going into a new building, we’ll help you, not only with your data and voice cabling plan, but your complete connectivity infrastructure. Confused about which materials to use – copper, fiber, wireless, etc.? We’ll help you choose!

If you’re moving or upgrading an existing office, we can help you do everything from moving an entire network (including servers) to resetting workstations and installing printers and phone systems.

And since some of the most vexing moves are the ones that don’t happen physically, we can help you move your all of your company’s key virtual assets including your internet service, web site, applications and email.

Is there a move in your future? Call (505) 216-2009 or click on the button to get started today.