Virtualization / Cloud

Gain Mobility, Save Space, Money and Time

According to Webopedia, “In computing, virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments.”

If you’re like most people, that definition lost you at the word “such.” And yet, virtualization is (or will be) one of the most useful tools in your IT arsenal.

Here’s the long and the short of it. With virtualization, one piece of hardware can do the work of ten, take up less space and use less power. And with cloud services, your system gains mobility, reduces capital expenses and improves data security and recovery.

With BlueLink IT as your technology partner, you don’t need to understand how virtualization and cloud services work. You just need to appreciate that employing these 21stcentury tools will save you space, time, and money.

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