Do more with less and reduce IT wastage

As organizations continue to find new ways to utilize technology the number of disparate IT systems has increased dramatically.  The result is either added hardware to ensure application stability, or instability caused by multiple applications being installed on the same system.  Very few applications utilize server resources effectively, so the result is often a lot of poorly utilized servers. BueLink IT virtualization technology addresses this issue.

Virtualization allows you to deploy multiple ‘virtual’ servers on the same physical server—which appear as separate machines on the network.

Through advanced resource sharing you can easily run 10 or more ‘virtual’ servers on the same machine.

Virtualization from BlueLink IT enables your business to:

  • Reduce costs – less power consumption, fewer servers
  • Increase reliability – continue to separate systems which support stability
  • Maximize utilization – by consolidating your servers

You can reduce costs, increase stability, and maximize utilization while increasing the responsiveness of your system. Deploying virtualization requires less effort because you have the option to use your existing hardware.

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