Protect your Data Systems and Processes

Safeguarding your organization in the event of a major catastrophe

Developing Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plans safeguard your organization in the event of a major catastrophe. A BC plan is a near term response in the event of a catastrophe that allows your organization to continue to operate at the most necessary levels. The DR plan is a longer term response which assures your organization is able to resume full operational levels.

BlueLink IT utilizes local and offsite backups along with a mapping of critical business processes to assure your organization has the ability to perform all critical functions.

BlueLink IT will work with your organization to not only develop your BC and DR plans, we will also facilitate ongoing testing and review of your plans.  We have found that through regular testing and review of the plans the likelihood for success increases dramatically. As changes are made arising from our regular testing and review, those changes must be documented and communicated through a designated point of contact for your organization. This represents an important effort that we feel should be in the hands of someone who will be constantly paying attention.

BC and DR plans from BlueLink IT provide:

  • Comfort in knowing you will be able to operate in the unlikely event of a catastrophe
  • Robust and automated backup solutions that remove the human error component
  • Minimized risk
  • Short and long term plans to respond to disasters of various sizes

Don’t be an organization that experiences the full impact of a catastrophe before recognizing the value in planing for those catastrophes. Make a plan today so that you can operate tomorrow.

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