Managed Services

Break The ‘Break-And-Fix’ Cycle

So many small businesses spend their IT money and resources putting out fires. Since they don’t have the need or budget of a full-time IT staff, they operate under the assumption that the best solution to deal with tech problems is to fix them as they occur. Regrettably, tech problems often lead to downtime where business isn’t operating, and money is being lost.

Have the Benefits of a Full-Time IT Staff at a Fraction of the Cost

Using BlueLink IT’s Managed Services is like having an CIO (Chief Information Officer) and full-time IT staff whenever and however you need it. With the use of remote management and monitoring tools, BlueLink IT’s staff is able to detect any hardware, software, or security issues and resolve them before they impact your business’s productivity.

If you’re equipment is failing, we know it. You’ll receive a call from your tech saying we noticed your equipment may be failing and schedule a time to investigate. Isn’t that better than calling for help after your computer won’t boot?  If you spot an issue that you think requires attention, or if you have any question about your system, file a help desk ticket online, or call the technician’s support number, and our techs will get back to you immediately.

Services Include:

  • Persistent monitoring and management of your IT systems.
  • Network connectivity and maintenance.
  • Support for hardware and software issues.
  • Help Desk Support.
  • Proactive maintenance of your system.

Best of all, it’s affordable. In most cases, existing installations, equipment replacement (planned and unplanned), network maintenance, and server software, are covered under one monthly flat fee.

To schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultationcall (505) 216-2009 or click on the green button to communicate with a BlueLink IT solutions expert today.