Managed Services

Reliability and Efficiency with Technology Made Easy

Do you find yourself frustrated with the process and surprised at the cost of your technology systems? You are not alone. Many small and medium size businesses don’t have the resources to bring in experienced technology professionals. Instead they often times bring in an individual who may be adept at cleaning up workstations or basic server administration, but who may not have the expertise or experience to recognize when you are headed down a path of technology expense and frustration.

You can have access to the same resources that larger organizations have without the cost of in-house staff.

Managed Services Provide:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management of your critical IT systems
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Deployment of multiple ‘virtual’ servers on the same physical server—which perform as separate machines on the network.
  • Proactive maintenance of your computer systems
  • Support for all your hardware and software needs

As a managed service provider we see a lot of different environments who are often times over-spending on inadequate systems and technology. You may be a small business, but you can still enjoy the advanced capability of a large one at an affordable price.  Our BlueLink IT expert team of engineers works with you to enhance and maintain the stability of your systems and environments. We will monitor continuously for issues and resolve problems before they impact you and your team.

For a detailed description of what is covered with a BlueLink Managed Service Plan, please click here.

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