Non Profits

Helping You Achieve Your Mission While Keeping Costs Down

Congratulations! Your non-profit organization has just received a hard-earned technology grant. All those hours of writing that proposal have paid off. The hard part is over, right? Not necessarily. How to best spend that grant money will be your next challenge.

BlueLink IT has a long and proud history of helping 501(c) organizations throughout Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Española, and the greater Northern New Mexico region procure, install, and maintain equipment, manage old systems and migrate legacy systems to new environments. We understand that affordability is always a key concern of yours, so we’re always on-hand to deliver a solution that meets your needs and scales to your budget.

Whether it’s buying and installing software and infrastructure or partnering long-term through a managed service agreement, BlueLink IT ready to help non-profit organizations meet their IT needs and realize their missions.

Contactus today at (505) 216-2009 or click on the green button to connect with a BlueLink IT representative.

BlueLink IT has proudly served these non-profit organizations:

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