Systems Security

Computer Data and Network Security

The amount of press coverage surrounding the numerous data breaches that have been occurring on a regular basis illustrates the need to take measures to safeguard your data.

If it was ever acceptable to say you don’t need to take measures to protect your data because you aren’t a target, that is certainly no longer the case.  The increased sophistication of ‘ransomware’ makes EVERYONE a target!

We improve your ‘security posture’ by deploying tools to monitor patterns that indicate a compromise, as well as adhering to best practices with firewalls, configurations, and anti-virus.

A comprehensive security solution from BlueLink IT provides:

  • Intrustion Prevention – Prevent activity from malicious parties before the traffic enters your network.
  • Vulnerability and Configuration Testing – Scan your configuration and software risks and then provide remediation steps
  • Anti-Virus Protection – A must have in today’s climate

It can be a constant battle to protect your organization from cyber attacks. By utilizing BlueLink IT, we will ensure you have a dependable solution with consistent up time, allowing your staff to focus on their work.

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