Email Without Spam

Protect your business from online threats

For most organizations access to email is absolutely vital to conducting business.  At minimum, failing to protect email will waste a significant amount of time as users have to filter and trash unwanted spam.  Don’t ignore the real threats possible via email.  Worst case, your email becomes a significant vector of attack as users have to negotiate spam, phishing, virus, and other unwanted emails.  Minimize risk by deploying a robust email protection system from BlueLink IT.

An email protection system from BlueLink IT will allow you to spend less time clicking the trash icon in your email client, and more time focusing on your core business goals.

Protection from BlueLink IT Provides:

  • SPAM/Malware Prevention – block unwanted email providing status in a convenient daily digest with easy to administer whitelist and delivery controls
  • Email archives – archive email before it reaches the users inbox to ensure compliance

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