DELL – Superior Laptops, Desktops, and Servers

I’ve truly come to appreciate Dell.  They have excellent hardware, and excellent support too.  I’ve deployed hundreds of desktops and laptops from Dell, and they have earned my trust.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can order just any old Dell.  The system must be properly matched to your needs (This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive), and I’m also a big advocate of their business line of systems, specifically Optiplex for desktops, and Latitudes for laptops.

One of the things I constantly find myself doing is helping my customers understand that while a cheaper machine with seemingly higher end specifications might actually not perform as well, nor for as long, than a similarly priced business system.  Places such as Best Buy put a priority on ‘Flash’ which means they will have little or no selection from the lines we recommend.

Feel free to contact us, we will help you find a system that meets your technology needs as well as your budget.

Barracuda Networks – Security Appliances

The first time I encountered Barracuda Networks was after a company I supported suffered a rash of infected computers.  Each computer could take up to 8 hours for a full wipe and re-install.  We realized that if we could limit what people were seeing via their web browsers, and their email, we could reduce the number of infections and increase productivity at the same time.

Barracuda Networks offers much more than just their Spam filter and Web filter, but I am now a firm believer in these two particular products.

The SPAM will virtually eliminate spam from your inbox, you can choose to receive a summary email displaying all of your blocked messages, and deliver a message if it was inadvertently caught.  Having used the appliance myself for years at this point, I can say that I’ve only encountered a couple of false positives in that time.  The trick is to adjust the sensitivity based on your particular needs.

The Web filter is equally impressive.  Most websites are rated by content, and an appliance like this will check the website you are trying to access against your policy and allow or disallow appropriately.  For companies with a large number of computers, systems like this become invaluable in ensure people visit only work related websites which of course keeps productivity up, and reduces the number of infected computers.  If you like to keep your employees happy, go ahead and grant a certain amount of leeway, but do it in a controlled way using a Barracuda Networks Web Filter appliance.

8×8 – Hosted VoIP Solution

8×8 is the leading provider of hosted VoIP solutions.

8×8 Virtual Office is a complete business phone system that delivers affordable, incredibly advanced business phone service over your Internet connection.

SaberSync – Secure Online File Storage

BlueLink IT Solutions is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive technical support provider for SaberSync.  We at BlueLink started using SaberSync in 2011 and have been happily recommending it to our clients ever since.  We used to have trouble sharing data amongst our team, and constantly worried about customer information getting into the wrong hands.  With SaberSync our team is able to operate with the latest information, wherever our team members are with the comfort in knowing that the data is secure, even if someone loses a laptop!