Our Advantage Is Your Advantage

Our combined experience totals dozens of years, from desktop repair, to clustered server implementations. We have a refined tool set specifically designed and selected to increase our capability while keeping costs low and not being overly complex.

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For all of our customers we provide:

  • Helpdesk Tracking Software – Every incident is tracked in an easy-to-use website, which you will have access to.  If you’re a business and you’ve called us out before for the same reason but don’t remember what was done, just look in your ticket history and save yourself some time.
  • Remote Support – A lot of IT service providers have this capability, but only offer it to their core customers.  We offer it to all of our customers.
  • Onsite Support – While we take advantage of remote support tools, we will also provide onsite support and if you have unique time constraints, we’ll work around those too.
  • Expert Technicians – Our technicians have proven track records of providing excellent service to our satisfied customers.

We believe that if we can take advantage of technology ourselves to minimize travel time and overall time to resolution, then that is better for our customers and better for BlueLink.

Exclusively for our Managed Services customers:

We deploy agents to each of your computers that communicate over secure channels to servers at our facility; and in turn watch for thousands of different events that are remedied before you even notice there is a problem. With this tool we provide:

  • Hardware and software health monitoring – This includes your anti-virus and backup software.
  • Critical systems monitoring – If you have systems that require 24/7 response, we can monitor those systems and alert the appropriate individuals.
  • System health reports – Receive easy-to-read health reports that give you a quick insight into the health of your network.
  • Anti-virus, backup, and update checks – Everyone recognizes the value in keeping systems up to date, backups running, and staying virus free. Managed Services will monitor, provide alerts and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Up-to-date backups – Secure backups are always current, and additionally you are notified weeks or months in advance if you are low on disk space. The alternative is to wait until your system comes to a screeching halt as a result of inadequate disk space. The fix can take from hours to weeks longer, without notice, depending on the scenario and system size.
  • Facilitates proper diagnosis of all system and issues – This in turn provides more effective resource allocation.

And so much more.

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